FISIXWORLD: Got A Glitch, Get A Fix!

Fisixworld.com is a gadgets Repair workshop, where it is offering peerless services since day one. It has been created by a group of youths who are smart and sharp-witted. It has its services extended all over India and promises to deliver a one-day service to the customers for all the faulty Gadget. Here the operators are professionally trained to tinker all sorts of gadgets owing all sorts of brands. You can consider fisixworld.com as a one-stop solution to all the hassles related to your gadgets.

Fisixworld.com has plans to open 100+ franchise in 50 cities by 2020 in India. The Company recently launched its 8th outlet in Hyderabad. Fisixworld.com is planning to launch 4 more store in May months. “The business of Gadgets repair is about 1.6 times the business of new Gadget in terms of volume. The expansion is in the line with the huge opportunities. We are opening soon our new Gadget repair outlets at Bhuvneshwar, Rourkela, Siliguri, Chennai, Raipur, Jammu, Bangalore.”

We are offering a profitable Gadget Repair franchise model to our business partners. We assure a good rate of increase in the profit over a short period of time. If you are willing to build a partnership with us then contact FranchiseZing who are well known for their efficacy in franchise consultancy.

Fisixworld.comA gadget repair franchise
Fisixworld offers world class mobile repair services rather than just a product with expedited service, which lets you place repair orders for your faulty Smartphone, Laptop, Tablets, Computer and Printer. We repair multi brand devices and problem like – broken screen, charging port, camera, loudspeaker or anything else, we fix every brand, fast and affordable price, which is under proper warranty.
We provide free pick and drop service for all over India. Your device will be picked from your location, which is proper under tracking system and will be delivered within 24 hours depending on your location.
After setting up its first store, the company choose franchising to quickly spread wings across the country. Fisixworld.com opened its first franchise store in October 2018 and by end of first financial year it had eight franchised outlets, we want to associate with franchise partners from diverse backgrounds, not necessarily from the Gadget repair or service business. We have three criteria for franchisee selections: passion, passion and passion. This high level of enthusiasm across the franchise chain has led the company to serve over 10k customers in Pan India.

The Franchise Investment
Just like our concept – we offer easy ROI franchise model and full of value too. Here’s the deal you invest 11 Lakhs and get Guaranteed ROI within 13 – 14 months. We are into a minimum guarantee franchise model.
You Invest and then we do the rest:
 Select the right location for your store
 Set it up for you like Construction and Interior
 Complete training & Staff support
 Relationship manager for the tie-up with increasing sales.
 Tie-ups for promotional activity.
 Customized Launch event and Inauguration

2. Gadget Repair, Refurbish Device &Mobile Accessories: Super smart retail Business with Online & Offline gadget repair, Refurbish Device & mobile Accessories is a lucrative segment offering high ROI and quick break even, subject to a strategically places outlet.

Moreover, with only a handful of organised players, the competition is less compared to the mobile handset category. “A typical 200 – 350 sq. feet franchise outlet may cost around Rs. 11 – 16 lakhs which includes one-time franchisee fee of Rs. 3 lakhs. This cover the cost of initial stocks, Interiors and IT systems,”

“As a brand, we take care of staff recruitment, trainings, marketing as well as consumers schemes,” According to Fisixworld, a franchise owner can easily expect Rs. 1.5-2.5 lakhs of business per months coupled with high 65% margins. “In fact, some of our franchise outlets have been making Rs 3-4 lakhs per months. We ensure that a franchise gets easy ROI and able to brake-even in 1.4 to 1.5 years,”

Aggressive Expansion
A majority of Online & Offline gadget repair, Refurbish Device &mobile Accessories brands have intense focus on expanding their franchise footprint. We expect contribution from online and offline store sales grow to 50% by the end of 2019 form 30 % of currently and We are planning to launch our upcoming store in tire 1 and tire 2 city’s

Benefits of Fisixworld Franchise
 An Existing Franchise is a Turnkey business
 Proven System in Place
 Corporate Image & Brand Awareness
 Higher likelihood of success

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