School Franchise- Is It Worth It?

Every parent dreams of sending their children to the best school in town. Due to lack of a good school in their own town, parents are forced to send their children to boarding schools, in another city/town, away from home. They shell out large amounts of their savings so that their children can be well educated in order to become accomplished and successful individual.

So, when you talk about a school franchise, you actually think from the other side of the table. If you are planning to open a school, you will definitely like your school to be the best and most popular school of the town. You would like to mould your school’s students into knowledgeable, well- groomed and smart individuals as they will directly reflect the educational standards of your school. In order to achieve all this, you will have to bear hefty expenditure for providing the latest educational practices as well as infrastructure. 

Now the question arises- “Can I start my school business with my own name and without any experience?” The answer is “NO”. But, “YES” you can definitely start a School Franchise under an Established School Brand which will make you successful overnight, even without you having any experience in the education industry. A successful and effective educational institution needs appropriate guidance to steer it in the right direction from the very beginning as your school’s students will be your best advertisement in town and also the future of our country. Parents too have high expectations from the school to educate and groom their child into successful and outstanding individuals. A ‘Trial and Error Strategy’ on this front will endanger the reputation and success of your new school.

Therefore, a franchisor school’s excellent Education Program coupled with the finest Co-curricular Activities which focuses on delivering only the Best Learning Architectural Layout for students is of utmost importance today. It is actually the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of any good school which attracts parents and students alike. Taking a franchise has countless benefits as it saves you time, money and instantly gets you ‘Established Brand Recognition’ and ‘Good Reputation’.  You also get the much needed expertise and experience of the established brand which is essential to make your school start-up a success from day one. Educational experts from the particular and well- established School Brand will help and guide you in all spheres of starting and running the school seamlessly- right from finalizing the architectural design and layout of the location to inaugurating and operating your school. They will also help you in carrying out effective marketing activities, recruiting the right staff, providing techniques for attracting and retaining parents and students year after year, and training the faculty and management as per their set standards and protocol.

There are many school franchise brands in India. Some of them are into school education for many decades, such as the Doon International School, Dehradun which is a top ranking day and boarding school of India. Doon International School, DEHRADUN is India’s leading and most reputed school brand. The Dehradun School has successfully set up many franchise schools in different parts of the country (Uttarakhand, Orissa , Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir etc.).  By joining hands with such a long standing, popular and reputed school brand like Doon International School,Dehradun, you are taking the right steps towards building a legacy of your own while helping in nation building. 

Now another question arises- Is it all worth it?? 

YES! Sure it is. Unlike other businesses, when you start a Doon International School in your town/ city you are future protecting your income for at least 50-60 years from now. Most importantly, investment in education is recession proof, and will always pay you back handsomely, not only in the form of high financial returns, but it will also earn you tremendous respect in society for preparing the next generation of talented and competent individuals. 


Now coming to the investment part: 

For a Primary School Franchise (Nursery to Class 5), you need minimum 1 acre land along with an investment of about INR 3-4 Crores for infrastructure development.

For a CBSE Secondary School Franchise (Nursery to Class 12), you need minimum 2 acres land along with an investment of about INR 7-8 Crores for infrastructure development.


If you want to be the ‘Best School’ of the town, grab this tremendous business opportunity of opening a reputed Doon International School in your town/ city…before anyone else does!

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